Finding Founding Members of Axion

Published: December 01, 2017


I am looking for a founding member of startup ‘axion’ . I am planning to begin fundraising process and accelerate business, as soon as I gather founding members. Here are prototype and business plan. If you are interested. Please contact my twitter account(@taxiyoshida). Business plan is short version. You can see full version after you join axion.

WTF Axion

Axion is “Spotify of tech business news”. You can learn business / tech analysis with text, audio, and video depending on the context. As you can see in the fake news issue, the possibility that you can find reliable free information is getting smaller. Axion is investing in “Tech Economy” and Asia region, where existing players struggle to provide reliable contents constantly and the potential demand is considered to be very high. Only ¥2000 allows you to meet valuable business information wherever you are.

Founding Outlook

I hope axion skipd seed round and start founding at series A, because I have tried various things for over a years and demand is being confirmed by existing traditional players in business news app.


(If you read in Japanese, Please read this blog)

I started ‘axion’ around one year ago. I had run business news website and Youtube channel for 8 months. I got severe health condition because of too much work later. I spent 4 month to cure and recovery(blog).

I was back in September and progressed the project by myself. And the project is ready to gather people now.

I run the project alone since March, when I dissolved the team with video creators who helped me as part time in order to develop application from scratch. I think it is very good timing to join axion, because the project finished unstable exploration period and is having time of exploitation(Read this).


I would like to meet Samurai, who are confident to take risk in the project they are involved in, or “Skin in the game”. Then I need a Wizard who responds properly to the incentive given, not bringing politics or territorial issue in company.


We are going to develop PWA and Mobile Apps. The project needs web developer, mobile developer, analyst, journalist, cooperate, finance.

Web Developer

  • Modern Frontend skill stacks
  • Create website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices
  • Deep functional knowledge on SPA and Micro-services
  • Perfomance tuning

iOS Developer

  • Proficient with Swift and Cocoa Touch
  • Knowledge of other web technologies and UI/UX standards
  • Experience with performance and memory tuning with tools

Android Developer

  • Proficient with Java or Kotlin
  • Knowledge of other web technologies and UI/UX standards
  • Experience with performance and memory tuning with tools


  • Analysing macro / micro economy / business
  • Over 3 years experience in research / financial institute
  • Expertise in not only economics and finance field but also science field is welcomed
  • English Writing is prefered
  • Master / Ph.D isn’t necessary but preferred


  • Distinguished investigative journalism
  • Over 3 years experience in tech / business / economy field
  • English Writing is prefered
  • Master / Ph.D isn’t necessary but preferred


  • In depth knowledge of corporate financial law and risk management practices
  • Over 3 years experience in non-Japanese banking industry
  • Experience startup finance is prefered
  • Experience IPO or M&A is prefered
  • Experience in fundraising will be a plus


  • Understanding of business functions such as HR, Finance, marketing etc.
  • Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics
  • Experience in fundraising will be a plus
  • BSc/BA in Business Administration or relevant field; MSc/MBA is a plus



Please contact me with twitter @taxiyoshida. I am really looking forward to talk with you.